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Who are we?

LEARNING God's Good News,

LIVING it out,

LEADING others to the Lord, Jesus Christ

...and LOVING IT!

We are college-aged Christians who wish to "be" (exist) for Christ.  Basically as "Rams for Christ" we expect that the deeper we know Christ as Lord, the better our lives and relationships will reflect his nature, and the more others will know Him!  It is a joy to be a child of God, and with that comes great blessing and responsibility.  Also, being a Christian is not a totally individual endeavor!  Since we all come from various spiritual and life backgrounds we seek to welcome others and encourage them in their own spiritual journey as we strive to build meaningful community amidst a diversity of people.  Finally, our vision is far-sighted.  Though we want to take advantage of every opportunity here and now, we remind ourselves to live with hope as we await our Savior and Lord from Heaven.  Come along!

Why should we interest you?

There are two reasons:  1) What you need and 2) What you have to offer

1) What do you need?  Campus ministries like RFC, and the inherent connections, are versatile and can meet most, if not all of the needs of students; whether they be spiritual guidance & encouragement, academic help, social life, recreation, and more.  Live college life to the fullest alongside a group of friends that will bless your life as we submit ourselves and our lives to God!

2) What do you have to offer?  Are you ready to leave self-centered living and selflessly invest your life into things that will outlast this life?  Christian maturity calls for us to serve God by looking to the needs of others.  If you are ready to offer yourself to His cause during college you will be interested to discover the ways you may put your faith into action on campus, in the community, and elsewhere in the world!

We are eager to get to know you!